At Carnaby Homes, we build luxury homes for Paris, Ontario residents and families that are designed to fit your needs.

Our mission at Carnaby Homes is to build quality, inspired places for families to call home, to rest and recharge, and to enjoy years of fond memories in! The Carnaby Homes team understands that your family’s home is more than just a building filled with stuff, your home is a place that you and your loved ones fill with memories, love, and purpose. We build luxury homes with you and your family’s needs in mind! Browse our website to learn more about Carnaby Homes, our team, our mission, and even to learn more about Paris, Ontario, where we build our homes!






At Carnaby Homes, we build dream homes with superior materials so you can rely on a home that’s top-quality from the inside out! Our homeowners all love the beauty of our inspired designs and the elevated quality standard we hold our home builds to is next to none! We build in “the Prettiest Little Town in Canada”, also known as Paris, Ontario, because we understand the importance of community! Our historic little town’s convenient location and all of the community amenities make the area an ideal location for your family to call home with a top-quality, designer-built home that will bring you joy and comfort for generations to come.



When you build a home with Carnaby, you’ll get to know the team on a first-name basis.



At Carnaby Homes, we were tired of cookie-cutter homes, so our team went to work to begin custom-designing luxury floor plans. We’re proud to say that our luxury plans break the mold in terms of design and function while also including everything a family might be looking for in a home! Check out our designer floor plans online today to see what we’re talking about! Our team is passionate about creating beautifully designed homes that are built to your specifications and created to last. From the bottom of the foundation to the tip of the roof, no detail is too small for the Carnaby Homes team to pay close attention to!


Our team is proud to offer a selection of designer-built homes that are ready for the most important part: you! Our pre-built homes are created with the same passion and attention to detail that our designer homes are crafted with, and because our team only builds with the best of the best in quality construction materials, you know that these pre-built Paris, Ontario homes are going to last your family for generations to come. Check out our pre-built homes page to browse current homes available to explore and find your dream home waiting for you! Have questions about our pre-built homes? Feel free to contact us today!

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Beautiful Homes

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One of the most important things a homeowner will consider when purchasing a new home for their family is the community they are joining when they make their purchase. If you love a beautiful home, that home will be made all the more precious and loving when you have a community that supports you and welcomes you, too! That’s why Carnaby Homes builds in Paris, Ontario — this historic community is welcoming, friendly, and warm on top of being a beautiful place to live! With a huge range of community amenities and options for connecting with neighbors, friends, and even family that lives nearby, moving to Paris, Ontario seems like a no-brainer! If you’re interested in learning more about the Paris community, visit our Community page or read some of our blog posts about the area!

From top to bottom, designer and pre-built homes from Carnaby Homes are crafted with your family’s needs in mind. Our top-quality materials, attention to detail, and passionate commitment to helping your family live comfortably are what sets us apart from the rest. Contact us today to get started with your Carnaby Homes experience. 

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