In the beautiful town of Paris, Ontario, not only does the landscape offer scenic beauty, but the culinary scene also presents a delightful range of flavors. The Canary Homes team, deeply connected with this community, wanted to share some of their favourite local dining spots. Whether you're a resident of Paris or just passing through, these are the places to savor a meal!

Joe, the visionary behind Canary Homes, loves indulging in the upscale casual dining experience at Stillwaters Plate & Pour. Nestled by the Grand River, the ambiance and river views make it Joe's top pick. Their steak and seafood options are something he never misses!

Joe - Stillwaters Plate & Pour

Lavinia, our Sales and Design Connoisseur, has an eye for aesthetics that extends beyond her work at Carnaby Homes to her choice in dining. Her favorite spot in Paris is Juniper Dining Co., where she finds inspiration in the artful presentation of each dish. The farm-to-table culinary philosophy aligns with her love for organic textures and authentic designs. Whether it's the seasonal ingredients or the creative plating, every meal at Juniper Dining Co. reflects the elegance and sophistication Lavinia brings to our team.

Lavinia  - Juniper Dining Co.

As Carnaby Homes' Lead Project Manager, Chris understands the intricacies of bringing a vision to life, and he appreciates the craft that goes into every detail. That's why his favorite place to dine in Paris, Ontario, is Camp 31 Bar-B-Q. This eatery, renowned for its award-winning ribs and traditional Southern BBQ style, mirrors Chris's dedication to quality and excellence. Whether he's orchestrating a complex building project or savoring a platter of perfectly smoked meats, Chris's passion for craftsmanship is evident. Camp 31's hearty BBQ resonates with his hardworking spirit, making it his top choice for a fulfilling meal. It's a must-visit for anyone who shares Chris's love for well-executed classics!

Chris - Camp 31 Bar-B-Q

Adrian, another pillar in the supervision team, likes to explore different tastes. The Paris Wincey Mills Co, with its variety of vendors and fresh market offerings, is his favourite place to have a meal and shop for local goods.

Adrian - The Paris Wincey Mills Co

Eugene, our architect with a keen eye for design and innovation, finds inspiration at The Library Bar inside The Arlington Hotel. This bar's timeless atmosphere, perfect for savoring artful cocktails and small plates, resonates with Eugene's approach to design—blending aesthetics with functionality. Modelled after the bars in some of our favorite hotels, The Library Bar serves as an ideal backdrop for all of life's special moments, much like the spaces Eugene creates. It's a place where tradition meets modernity, mirroring his philosophy in architecture.

Eugene - The Arlington Hotel - The Library Bar

Chinh, who keeps everything balanced at Canary Homes, finds comfort and delight at Two Rivers. This spot in Paris, ON, offers a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere that aligns perfectly with Chinh's attention to detail. With a diverse menu that features locally-sourced ingredients, Two Rivers offers a culinary experience that resonates with Chinh's appreciation for quality and precision. If you're looking for a dining experience that combines elegance with local flavors, join Chinh's recommendation and try Two Rivers on your next visit to Paris, ON.

Chinh - 2 Rivers

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These are the top picks from our team at Canary Homes. Next time you're in Paris, ON, make sure to try these amazing eateries. From barbecue to Victorian dining rooms, the culinary landscape here is as diverse and beautiful as our homes. Enjoy your meal and feel the connection with the place that Canary Homes is proud to be a part of! 

(Note: Please check with individual restaurants for their current operating status and offerings.) 

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